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Chicago restaurant news

Watch 30 Chefs Play Ping Pong to Support Cancer Patients

86-Year-Old Palace Grill Is Closed After a Fire

Fruity Pebbles and a Michelin-Starred Restaurant Fuel a Wacky Paczki Lineup

Make THC-Infused Chicken Wings With a New Cannabis-Spiked Sauce

Here’s the Next Great Angle on Chicago’s Beloved Rat Hole

Diving Into the Lack of Sit-Down Restaurants in Englewood

The Best Chicago Restaurant Week Deals

CosMc’s Is a Boba Cafe in Clown’s Clothing

The Perch to Reopen After Last Week’s Fire in Wicker Park

How an Instagram-Fueled Indie Bakery Grew Into One of Chicago’s Buzziest Bread Destinations

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More Masala, Less Latte

South Asia’s second-wave chai culture has steeped into America’s mainstream — and it’s breaking out of the boxes (and syrups and concentrates) you might recognize

Black Restaurant Owners Worry About The Impact of Chicago’s Paid Leave Ordinance

Increased Paid Leave For Chicago Restaurant Workers Hits a Snag

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How Chicago Phased Out the Tipped Minimum Wage

Chicago City Council Votes to End the Tipped Minimum Wage

Chicago’s Tipped Minimum Wage Vote Coming Friday

As Southern States Bus Migrants to Chicago, Service Workers Are Waiting With Hot Meals

In an Upset, Chicago Gourmet’s Best Burger Came From a Seattle ‘Top Chef’ Alum

The Battle Over Chicago’s Tipped Minimum Wage Is Over

How Tipped Minimum Wage Bans Have Shaken Out Across the U.S.

Illinois Restaurant Association Backs Alternative Proposal Giving Chicago the Highest Minimum Wage in the U.S.

Fire May Keep Le Bouchon Closed For a Month

Chicago May Eliminate the Tipped Minimum Wage in October

Is Chicago Experiencing an Urban Foraging Renaissance?

Kroger Sells Mariano’s Brand, Leaving the Fate of the Grocery Store’s Name in Peril

Michelin to Announce Chicago, New York, and D.C. Stars in November

Pizza City Fest Burned Attendees Who Called It a Chicago Fyre

Chicago Restaurants and Organizers Ponder the Future of Food Festivals

Chicago’s Record-Breaking Heatwave Forces Restaurants to Temporarily Close

Evanston Debates Tipped Minimum Wage As Activists Declare Victory in Chicago

Black-Owned Restaurants and Bars Are Still Recovering Three Years After COVID Arrived

El Milagro Workers Reach Settlement Over NLRB Complaint