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The 38 Essential Restaurants in Chicago


Exciting New Restaurants to Try in Chicago

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From Steve Dolinsky to Barstool Sports, It’s a Curious Time For Pizza Festivals

Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Serving Up a Greek Freak Feast in Milwaukee

LA Chef Evan Funke’s Chicago Restaurant and Six More Upcoming Bars and Restaurants

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How FX’s ‘The Bear’ Impacts Chicago’s Restaurant Scene

A collection of Eater Chicago’s stories about the TV show that’s streamed via Hulu

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How to Make Kasama’s Umami-Packed Mushroom Adobo at Home

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Where to Eat in Lincoln Park

A Chicago Food Desert Will Soon Welcome Its Only Sit-Down Restaurant

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The Eater College Dining Plan

From Roll Tide to Rock Chalk, Eater celebrates the greatest food on and off campuses around the country.

3 Floyds Proposes Brewpub Revival While Revolution Brewing Reveals Renovations

An Eater’s Guide to Chicago

Unofficial and highly opinionated information about the City of Broad Shoulders

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Where to Find Delicious Pizza Slices in Chicago

A Former Charlie Trotter’s Dishwasher Is Opening a Latin Tavern in West Town

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Welcome to Diner Land

Enter the world of Americana. Of vinyl booths and bottomless coffee. Of late-night pancakes and all-hours hot dogs. Of all-ages dining and no-frills service. Of chrome trim and cash-only.

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The Most Iconic Diners in Chicago

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America’s Coolest All-Ages After-Party Is at the Local Diner

How diners gave generations of punk-rock kids a reliable place to party

Try Spicy Indo-Chinese Duck Confit Fried Rice at Wicker Park’s New Cocktail Bar

Nobody’s Darling, Andersonville’s Modern LGBTQ Icon, Debuts an Expansion

The James Beards Brought Brut, Bolos, and Bull Terriers to the 2023 Party

Virtue and Kasama Celebrate Their James Beard Wins With a South Side Party

Virtue, Kasama Together Score Big for Chicago at James Beard Awards

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Chicago’s Essential Mexican Restaurants

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Where to Eat and Drink in Pilsen

Chicago, Once Again, Targets Late-Night Tavern Licenses

Inside Guinness’s Chicago Brewery Where a Three-Ton Harp Hovers Over the Bar

How Tipped Minimum Wage Bans Have Shaken Out Across the U.S.

Illinois Restaurant Association Backs Alternative Proposal Giving Chicago the Highest Minimum Wage in the U.S.

A Signed Apron From ‘The Bear’ is Part of an eBay Celebrity Auction

The Midwest Turns On Itself in the Pizza Wars

How to Pitch Stories to Eater Chicago

Freelancers looking to pitch to Eater’s Chicago-based city site should start here

Fire May Keep Le Bouchon Closed For a Month

Tamarind Short Ribs Highlight This Bold New Indian Restaurant’s Menu

A Lincoln Park Coffee House Reveals a Hidden Speakeasy Near Dillinger’s Demise

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