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A Ghostbuster-themed VR game.
Ghostbusters fans will love the games at Wonderverse.
Barry Brecheisen/Eater Chicago

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Sony’s New Suburban Gaming Restaurant Resurrects the Ghosts of DisneyQuest

Wonderverse in Oakbrook Center features plenty of “Ghostbusters,” “Cobra Kai,” “Bad Boys,” “A Few Good Men,” and “Jumanji” references

With a wealth of intellectual properties in hand, like Ghostbusters and Bad Boys, Sony Pictures Entertainment has unveiled Wonderverse, a sprawling 45,000-square-foot hub of physical and VR games, themed interactive installations, and food and drink at Oakbrook Center.

Wonderverse debuted in December and will host a grand opening event on Thursday, January 11 at 100 Oakbrook Center in suburban Oak Brook.

The attractions include two Ghostbusters VR games. The Arena allows players to suit up with proton packs and capture ghosts alongside fellow trainees. Then there’s Blitz, a driving game. There hasn’t been a new Jumanji movie since 2019, but fans can take a turn at a themed VR game where players rely on escape room-style puzzle-solving to recapture a stolen jewel.

A Ghostbusters-themed VR game setup.
Sony is likely hopeful that the games will add hype to the 2024 debut of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

Post-apocalyptic comedy franchise Zombieland gets a shoutout at Pacific Playland, a section devoted to arcade games and classics like bumper cars, and Bad Boys Racing Club leans an array of high-speed driving games.

Theme parks have built up a fanbase themed menu items. Disney made waves with Marvel. Meanwhile, Nintendo celebrated the opening of a Mario-themed restaurant last year. Sony enters the fray with the Ghost Trap, a “hidden speakeasy” in a secretive alcove near the Ghostbusters games. Decked out in thematic decor and Ghostbusters Easter eggs, the bar seats 59 and features cocktails like the oozing Mood Slime (Altos Plata Blanco Tequila, Lillet Rose, strawberry champagne foam). Curiously, it’s not green. It’s not the first time a media company has opened a restaurant as DisneyQuest debuted in 1999 in River North, next to where Eataly now stands.

A low-lit speakeasy-style bar.
The Ghost Trap is a haven of references for super-fans.
An imitation portrait painting with a luminous “ghost” hovering in one corner.
Vigo was the villain in the second “Ghostbusters” movie.
A pink drink with a foamy top.
Mood Slime (Altos Plata Blanco Tequila, Lillet Rose, cranberry, strawberry champagne foam).

Wonderverse also houses a limited-time 21 Jump Street pop-up bar, where the team is hosting cocktail classes and paint-and-sip gatherings, and the Commissary Restaurant with familiar pub fare like burgers, wraps, and fish and chips.

Sony feels Wonderverse can attract newer fans like older teens and young adults who don’t know about Ray Parker Jr. A rep says the properties “are recognized and loved by everyone whether you were alive when the original movies premiered or discovered them with the most recent additions to the franchise.”

Explore the suburban gaming palace and its menu items in the photographs below.

A dark door with a large sign that reads “Jumanji.”
The board game comes alive.
A VR game space decorated with puzzles and maps.
Fans of Uncharted (the movie, the video game, or both) must work as a team to escape themed rooms.
An escape room-style space.
Players can escape a single Uncharted room or complete all three for an extended storyline.
A collection of arcade games.
A wall of VR racing games.
A row of racing arcade games.
A row of bumper cars.

A tag-style game of zombie bumper cars involves one Patient Zero car that spreads the “infection” by bumping into other players.

A seating area.
Don a proton pack for some ghost annihilation.
A row of proton packs hanging on a wall.
A VR game setup with three “vehicles.”
At BLITZ, one of two Ghostbusters VR games, players can climb aboard an ECTO hovercraft and compete in a high-speed race.
A VR game with a floor pad marking spaces for four players.
Players get to wear proton packs for the Ghostbusters VR game ARENA, where they join other “trainees” to capture ghosts.
A yellow-green cocktail topped with a smoldering cinnamon stick.
You Can’t Handle the Truth (The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve, mango, mint, club soda).
An off-white cocktail with pineapple garnish in a collins glass.
Wax On Wax Off (Malibu, Absolut Mandarin, Italicus, honey, yuzu, cream of coconut).
A red cocktail in a rocks glass.
The Equalizer (Jefferson’s Bourbon, Campari, Carpano Antica, black salt).
A large space.
The space’s high ceilings were a selling point for Sony.
A long curved white bar.
The Commissary Bar features classic cocktails and original creations with movie themes.
A large dining space with high ceilings.
The entire space is 45,000 square feet.
A spacious dining area.
Sony hopes to open more Wonderverse locations but reps won’t say where.
A yellow dome of meringue beside a tiny baseball bat.
My Pinata is Killing Me (caramelized bananas, dulce de leche ice cream, banana cream, meringue shell).
A smashed yellow meringue shell contains a scoop of ice cream.
Take a swing for the prize inside.
A bowl of chili.
Chili (beef, pork, pinto beans, cheddar, sour cream, chives).
A plate of fried fish and chips.
Fish ‘n chips (beer-battered cod, fries).
A ribeye burger.
Steak House Sammy (ribeye, gouda, onions).
A plate of potato slices topped with corn, beef, and jalapeno.
Barbacoa potato drops.
A plate of braised cubes of pork belly.
Sticky pork belly (sweet sesame and soy glaze, scallion).
A mug of mousse beside five round doughnuts,
Bad Boys Coffee Break (ricotta doughnuts, mocha mouse topped with sweet cream foam).
A chocolate dessert taco on top of cotton candy.
After School Special (chocolate waffle tortilla, ice cream, nuts, berry coulis, cotton candy fluff).
A display of Ghostbusters hats.
Naturally, there’s merch for sale.
A display of clothing merchandise.
A mirror with a ghost decal.
Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies!

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