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Lizzo Bestows Chicago’s Dimo’s Pizza With a 10/10 TikTok Review

She didn’t call Dimo’s “good as hell,” but she really did enjoy her vegan pizzas.

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Lizzo gave Dimo’s Pizza a glowing review.
Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images
Ashok Selvam is the editor of Eater Chicago and a native Chicagoan armed with more than two decades of award-winning journalism. Now covering the world of restaurants and food, his nut graphs are super nutty.

Superstar singer and flutist Lizzo performed last week at the United Center and needed a late-night snack. That resulted in giving a local pizzeria one of the best gifts possible: a glowing 10/10 TikTok review.

The staff at Dimo’s Pizza, with locations in Wicker Park, Wrigleyville, the Loop, and Lincoln Square, is reveling in the social media gold that Lizzo provided in a weekend post. As of Monday morning, there were more than 340 comments and 21,000 likes.

In the one-minute video, Lizzo says she was reluctant to post a review, but then is seemingly stunned by how beautiful Dimo’s pizzas looked: “And the mac and cheese reveal: And guess what? Is vegan, bitch!” she says.

Lizzo is vegan. She received a vegan Mac’n’cheese and Buffalo seitan chicken pizza, a Dimo’s rep confirms. The pizzeria’s owners prefer not to say which location the pies came from, but add they didn’t know Lizzo (or her reps) had ordered pizza from them until they saw the post.

“Now vegan mac is hard to do in general, so a vegan mac pizza, I’m giving it a side eye, but let’s see,” Lizzo says.

Seconds later: “It’s good!”


LizzoBeEating: dimos pizza

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Viewers are treated to the singer’s moans of approval throughout the bit. Lizzo’s personal preference, she says, is a little saucier — or “sloppier” — mac and cheese. So she suggests mixing it with the Buffalo chicken or adding Frank’s Red Hot: “But other than that, 10 out of 10.”

Dimo’s just opened a location in Lincoln Square with an expanded menu. The pizzeria has been loved by late-night Wicker Bar bar visitors and Cubs fans coming in and out of Wrigley Field. It’s a New York-style experience with a display case full of pies for customers to gawk at. They serve meat and vegan full pies and slices.

Lizzo is a determined food reviewer, showing fans what she’s eating while on tour, spotlighting unique vegan eats. She’s certainly not the first celebrity to post food reviews online. But in the charming video, she manages to disrupt the glut of pizza content out there with an ingredient sorely lacking in other reviews: genuine enthusiasm.

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