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Cook County Officials Subpoena Tax Records for Parlor Pizza in Chicago

The embattled restaurant group was raided by the Illinois Department of Revenue in 2021

A brick building with a patio in front.
Parlor Pizza has three locations in Wicker Park, River North, and the West Loop.
Neil Burger

A Cook County grand jury issued a subpoena to the tax division of the Chicago Department of Finance in May for Parlor Pizza’s tax records, the Tribune reports. The subpoena included a request for a schedule of month-to-month sales for every year the group has been operating in Chicago.

The subpoena, which the Tribune obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, is part of an ongoing investigation into Parlor’s potential tax violations. Parlor’s three locations in West Town, River North, and Wicker Park were all shut down for two days last fall after a raid by police assisting the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Reached by Eater, attorneys representing Parlor Pizza declined to comment on the subpoena.

The pizzeria faced additional controversy last year, after a report by Block Club detailed alleged racial discrimination, labor violations, and sexual harassment at the business. The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection and the Chicago Commission on Human Relations launched an investigation into the allegations. A city spokesperson told Block Club earlier this week that the city’s business department officials are “gathering evidence and negotiating with attorneys.” Parlor’s owners continue to strongly dispute the allegations.

Texan Taco Bar, a restaurant associated with Parlor Pizza, recently opened in the West Loop under a separate LLC.

Parlor Pizza Bar

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