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Where to Order Takeout or Delivery from a Michelin-Starred Restaurant in Chicago

A few of Chicago’s 25 Michelin-starred restaurants are taking orders

A courier with an orange bag bringing a food delivery into a car.
It’s possible to order takeout or delivery from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Chicago.
Barry Brecheisen/Eater Chicago
Ashok Selvam is the editor of Eater Chicago and a native Chicagoan armed with more than two decades of award-winning journalism. Now covering the world of restaurants and food, his nut graphs are super nutty.

Chicagoans are adapting to social distancing policies, and even Mayor Lori Lightfoot is having fun with her new Eye of Sauron-like role of enforcing the rules. The city’s restaurants are also getting their feet under them. Pizzerias and taquerias are accustomed to takeout and delivery. It’s a bigger change for white tablecloth restaurants like the ones that get the attention of Michelin inspectors.

The choice to keep open is a difficult one for restaurant owners who balance their family and staff’s health and financial concerns. None of Chicago’s 25 Michelin restaurants offered takeout or delivery options before the novel coronavirus outbreak. Now that the city is in the second week of the state’s stay-at-home order that allows for takeout and delivery (restaurants are able to operate as they’re considered essential), more restaurants have unveiled options. Currently, eight restaurants offer to-go or delivery in one form other the other. Affiliated restaurants from four others are still open. That number is subject to change as owners consider safety risks.

Check out the options below.

Michelin’s Chicago 2020 Starred Selections

Three Stars

Alinea: The city’s only three-star restaurant is offering to-go meals with a rotating menu.

Two Stars

Acadia: Chef Ryan McCaskey’s sophisticated South Loop restaurant offers its bar menu, with burgers and lobster macaroni and cheese. to go.

Oriole: The Fulton Market tasting-menu restaurant from Cara and Noah Sandoval is closed. There is an employee fund.

Smyth: Smyth remains closed. Gift cards could be purchased online, and there’s also an online fundraiser for workers. However, its more causal sibling, Loyalist, is offering its popular burger to go. Customers can order via Tock.

One Star

Band of Bohemia: The world’s only Michelin-starred brewpub remains closed. A fund for workers has been established.

Blackbird: One Off Hospitality Group’s first restaurant remains closed, as the company ceased all delivery and takeout operations last week. A company fund for workers is online.

Boka: The flagship for Boka Restaurant Group remains closed, as the company has closed all 23 restaurants. Staff has set up a fund.

EL Ideas: Philip Foss’s Douglas Park tasting menu restaurant unveiled new options last week. There’s vegetarian and omnivore options for curbside pickup. The meaty option is sold out until April 7.

Elizabeth: Iliana Regan’s Lincoln Square restaurant is closed after an initial offering. Staff had safety concerns.

Elske: David and Anna Posey’s Scandinavian restaurant remains closed. Support the West Loop spot by buying merchandise, that also supports other restaurants, at the link.

Entente: The eclectic find dining restaurant recently unveiled a to -go menu. Order via Tock.

Everest: The venerable French restaurant is closed. Parent company Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, the city’s largest hospitality group, has established a fund for workers.

Goosefoot: Chef Chris Nugent’s fine dining spot near Ravenswood remains closed.

Kikkō: The basement restaurant underneath Kumiko in West Loop is closed, but management has recently unveiled a selection of spirit-free drinks. Wine and sake is also available to go.

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Mako: Chef B.K. Park’s omakase den in West Loop is closed.

Next: Like the other Alinea Group restaurants, Next in Fulton Market is offering to-go options. Currently its offering pasta from the Italia menu.

North Pond: The unique restaurant in the middle of Lincoln Park is closed.

Omakase Yume: Part of Chicago’s omakase boom, chef Sangtae Park’s West Loop restaurant has started pickup and delivery. Call the restaurant at (312) 265-1610 or text orders to (630) 464-4204.

Parachute: Beverly Kim and Johnny Clarke’s modern Korean restaurant has started to offer to-go and delivery options. Call (773) 654-1460 to order. Bing bread is also available via Tock.

Bing bread and more is available at Parachute.
Barry Brecheisen/Eater Chicago

Schwa: The rule-breaking Wicker Park restaurant is launching to-go options on Thursday. They’re starting with po’ boys. Check out the new Instagram account for more information.

Sepia: One of West Loop’s most beloved spots from chef Andrew Zimmerman is closed. Gift cards are available, and there’s also a fund for workers.

Spiaggia: Spiaggia, right off the Mag Mile is closed, though its chefs are working the line at younger sibling Cafe Spiaggia for lunch. Order pickup via Tock or delivery via DoorDash.

Temporis: The fine dining spot in West Town is offering dinner for two for $70. Call or go to the website for more information on delivery or to-go options. They’ve also unveiled a burger for the first time ever.

Topolobampo: Rick Bayless’s River North fine dining restaurant remains closed. Frontera Grill and Xoco are open for takeout and delivery.

Yugen: Though chef Mari Katsumura said the restaurant was considering options, the Japanese restaurant along Randolph Restaurant Row remains closed.


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EL ideas

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Frontera Grill

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The Loyalist

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Cafe Spiaggia

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Band of Bohemia

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North Pond

, , IL 60614


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