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Explore the Scenes From Chicago Gourmet 2019

There was a little mud, but plenty of food and drink at Millennium Park

A chef shows off his work.
El Che Bar’s John Manion was among the chef’s at Chicago Gourmet.
Barry Brecheisen/Eater Chicago

Chicago Gourmet, the annual romp through Millennium Park, took place over the weekend as some of Chicago’s finest chefs assembled for two days of seminars, demos, and — of course — plenty of food and wine. Rain threatened both days, but Saturday drew large crowds. The rain held off for the most part during the festival, however fest-goers contended with some mud.

Events included a panel on Chicago’s Indian food. Jared Rouben of Moody Tongue Brewing convinced a crowd that beer makes the ideal beverage to complement cookies. The event had the same format as previous years. Chefs have a chance to interact with their customers through kitchen demonstrations. They can also banter while handing out food.

This is Chicago Gourmet’s 12th year. It was created by the Illinois Restaurant Association. Take a look through Saturday’s events below and check out a few chefs having fun. Chicago Gourmet returns next year on September 26, 2020.

Crowds of people stand beside and under white tents at Millennium Park.
Undaunted by gray skies, hungry locals venture out in droves for Chicago Gourmet.
Barry Brecheisen/Eater Chicago
People dancing inside an open tent.
Attendees work it out in the Bon Appetit tent.
A woman wearing white stands in the center of a table, covered by white fabric. She is handing tastes to diners standing beside her.
Brands came up with interesting ways to attract attention, as at every Chicago Gourmet.
A man arranges tasting cups with spoons on a table at Chicago Gourmet.
Every single cup must be perfectly placed.
A man in a blue Hawaiian shirt and straw hat proffers a drink on a cup that reads “Tanduay rum.”
The rum flows steadily.
The wine always flows free.
A woman holds a paper container of food.
Representatives of the consulate general of Japan made an appearance.
A woman pours a glass of wine for a Chicago Gourmet attendee.
No wine shortages here.
A man stands behind a table offering a festival attendee smoked amberjack nigiri.
Smoked kampachi (amberjack) nigiri under the Japanese consulate’s tent.
A group of six poses for the camera
The fest hosted panel an Indian food panel with Sujan Sarkar (Rooh), Rohini Dey (Vermillion), Yoshi Yamada, Zeeshan Shah (Superkhana International), Colleen Sen, and Alpana Singh (“Check, Please”).
A sizable audience watches Carrie Nahabedian cook in a set kitchen.
An audience watches chefs Bill Kim and Carrie Nahabedian demonstrate their skills.
Sun Wah’s Laura Cheng, host Carla Lalli Music, and HaiSous’s Thai Dang share a laugh.
Belly Shack’s Bill Kim was part of the festivities.
A defiant chef makes a face.
Barrio chef Katsuji Tanabe talks about opening more restaurants under the Grand Cru tent.
Boka star pastry chef Meg Galus served up some macaroons.
Two chefs talk to customers while handing out food.
Sepia/Proxi chef Andrew Zimmerman holds court with his team.
A woman holds a bottle of scotch and smiles.
Glenlivet was among the vendors.
A woman pours alcohol down a kneeled chef’s throat.
Etta/Maple & Ash chef Danny Grant hydrates himself.
A chef smiles in front of dozens of samples.
S.K.Y.’s Stephen Gillanders served up food.
A chef chats with a fan.
Purple Pig’s Jimmy Bannos Jr. was on hand.
Osteria Langhe’s Cameron Grant enjoyed himself.
Mi Tocaya Antojeria’s Diana Dávila and her crew showed up with “no human is illegal” stickers.
A smiling bartender pours Glenlivit into a plastic cup.
The party starts in the Glenlivit’s purple trailer.
A brewer hands a beer to a customer.
The crew from Moody Tongue Brewing practice in preparation for their new opening.
Four musicians play on a stage.
Local musicians Dave Herrero and Anne Harris perform.