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New Lakeview Japanese Restaurant Serving Hot Dogs Topped With Street Noodles

Yakisoba Misoya is now open

A hot dog bun stuffed with yellow fried wheat noodles and topped with a little bit of pink pickled ginger and green seaweed powder.
Behold the Yakisoba Dog
Yakisoba Misoya [Official Photo]

Yakisoba Misoya opened Thursday at 2852 N. Clark Street in East Lakeview. The new restaurant features a menu of Japanese street food, including noodles piled on top of a popular Chicago street item.

Yakisoba Misoya is introducing Chicago to its yakisoba dog — a hot dog bun stuffed with yakisoba noodles and a Vienna Beef red hot. Shareable options include chicken karaage and takoyaki (battered and fried balls of octopus, tempura bits, and pickled ginger). Representatives announced a grand opening on Facebook.

The chefs at Yakisoba Misoya created their own secret yakisoba sauce. Toppings like pickled ginger, onori (seaweed powder), and katsobushi (fermented fish flakes) frequently accompany the dish.

Photographs of the space posted to Facebook show large hanging basket lamps over tables in the no-frills 2,300 square-foot restaurant. Customers can expect to order at a counter, and three large photographs of menu items hang on the wall behind it. It seats about 35.

Yakisoba Misoya, 2852 N. Clark Street, (773) 687-9057, Open 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday.


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