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Alinea Group Opens a Supper Club In Fulton Market Restaurant’s Basement

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St. Clair Supper Club opens tonight inside Roister

A rendering of the Roister/St. Clair Supper Club building’s exterior
The St. Clair Supper Club [Official Site]
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Tonight, St. Clair Supper Clubthe new project from the Alinea Group — debuts in Fulton Market and management has finally shared a few answers to what to expect. The new offering is actually a restaurant within a restaurant. It occupies the basement at Roister. Reservations went online on Monday morning.

In typical Alinea Group fashion, the company has posted a FAQ with plenty of information. The menu is unique to the space, as customers won’t be able to order specific items from the upstairs menu. It’s an a la carte menu. Being a Midwestern-style supper club, customers will find prime rib. St. Clair offers four cuts that range from $48 to $75. It’s served only medium rare. Creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, and creamed corn are among the side dishes. While dietary restrictions are important to the restaurant company, the menu reads that they won’t accommodate them at St. Clair. There are no vegetarian options.

There are specials seven days a week. Friday is a $44 fish fry; Thursday is a $28 pot roast; and Tuesday features at $36 sandwich special. A staple of Wisconsin supper clubs is an Old Fashioned that swaps the bourbon for brandy. St. Clair offers its own take. Roister opened in 2016 as Alinea’s most casual restaurant.

Crews have done some remodeling to distinguish the downstairs space from Roister. Previously, the basement was used in a few different ways, including as a private event space and for fancy southern-style seafood boils. It originally housed Roister’s “prep kitchen,” a second seating area with another kitchen counter that was “a bit more refined.”

The reveal was somewhat an upset for Alinea fans who assumed St. Clair was what the company planned for the former Moto space along Fulton Market. Alinea’s Nick Kokonas was traveling and didn’t immediately answer questions. The opening comes a week after the company did damage control after a worker at the Aviary, Alinea’s swanky cocktail lounge, had an infamous interaction with Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump, a lover of well-done meat.

Moving beyond that, St. Clair is going for some relaxed Midwestern vibes — its website even evokes a retro vibe. Check out the menu below.

St. Clair Supper Club, inside Roister’s downstairs space at 951 W. Fulton Market, open at 5:30 p.m. on Monday through Wednesday; 5 p.m. on Thursday through Sunday, reservations for groups four or smaller via Tock. Walk-ins welcome.

St. Clair Menu

The Aviary

955 West Fulton Market, , IL 60607 Visit Website


951 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607 (312) 789-4896