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Inside Wrigleyville’s New Three Patio Pizzeria Party Palace

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Happy Camper opens today along Clark Street for Cubs fans

Happy Camper opens its Wrigleyville location on Tuesday afternoon.
Barry Brecheisen/Eater Chicago

Cubs fans have another place to party in Wrigleyville starting today as Happy Camper opens its second location off Clark Street, just south of Wrigley Field. While it’s the second pizzeria to bear the Happy Camper name, it’s the owners’s fourth restaurant. They also own Homeslice in Lincoln Park and Paradise Park in Wicker Park.

There are many TVs inside and three outdoor spaces also have TVs. The front is marked by artificial turf and a 48-inch disco ball. The indoor space has sliding windows to give customers fresh air while maintaining cover from rain. There’s also a back patio on the ground floor near a flight of glittery stairs that lead to the roof deck on the second floor. The second floor includes a bar, an aerial view of the back patio, and even more TVs.

Happy Camper Wrigleyville will serve the same thin-crust pizzas and salads as it does in Old Town. The owners are confident in their food and service, but think what sets them apart is they way they throw a party. There’s a DJ booth in back, and a little space if customers want to create a makeshift dance floor.

Check out the space below. Happy Camper Wrigleyville opens at 4:30 p.m. today.

Happy Camper, 3458 N. Clark Street, hours not posted yet.

A glittery sign beckons Cubs fans to enter off Clark Street.
Artificial turf and disco balls have become part of the ownership’s shtick.
The Happy Camper’s customary RV is safe from the elements.
Happy Camper will keep customers dry in this section.
Happy Camper’s Wicker Park sibling, Paradise Park, also has swings.
An aerial view of the ground-floor patio.
Note the DJ booth straight in the back.
This exposed brick will eventually get a neon decoration to cover it.
A view from the back of the bar to the front, note the booths, TVs, and the moving tiles on the right.
The space features three outdoor areas including this one in the back on the ground floor.
The stairs are sparkly and the walls are floral to the second-floor bar and roof deck.
The second floor also has a bar.
The south window swings out to look over the ground-floor patio.
The view of the back patio from the second floor.
More TVs in case sports fans worried they’d miss an inning.
The second floor table features picnic tables and TVs.
These two booths rock back and forth.

Happy Camper Wrigleyville

3458 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL Visit Website

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