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A Chicago Cafe Chain Will Start Serving CBD Coffees and Shakes

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Plus, more details on the Purple Pig’s relocation and more morning news

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Protein Bar & Kitchen will soon have CBD shakes
Protein Bar & Kitchen [Official Photo]

Protein Bar & Kitchen will become one of the first in Chicago to serve CBD coffees and shakes

CBD oil drinks are coming to Chicago-based cafe and coffee chain Protein Bar & Kitchen next month. Starting April 15, customers will be able to order 30 milligram CBD (cannabidiol) oil floaters on any shake or coffee for $2.99. Protein Bar & Kitchen joins a very small list of Chicago establishments which have joined the trendy CBD craze — cannabis’ legal, non-psychoactive compound that’s lauded for a laundry list of therapeutic and medicinal benefits — which include Metric Coffee’s CBD cold brew last year, Warm Belly Bakery’s CBD cookies, and Young American’s array of CBD cocktails.

More details on the Purple Pig’s relocation

Mag Mile icon the Purple Pig’s move slightly south to 444 N. Michigan Avenue, which was first reported in January, will happen in May, according to a news release. Its new space is larger — 120 seats plus another 20-seat semi-private dining room — and includes a larger kitchen and more wine storage. Expect similar decor and food at the new spot, and its arch entryway may make the move too. Chick-fil-A is reportedly taking the Purple Pig’s existing space at 500 N. Michigan Avenue.

A local diner mini-chain is under investigation for rounding off checks

Cozy Corner has been rounding checks up or down pennies for years without telling diners, according to a CBS2 investigation, and now the city is reportedly investigating the local diner mini-chain for possible consumer fraud. The owner’s wife tells the TV station that they did it for speed and convenience, that “we’re not making money on this,” and “it was more like take a penny, leave a penny.” Ownership apologized to customers and reportedly stopped the practice at all four locations.

Here’s the menu for new omakase hotspot Mako

New West Loop omakase spot Mako, which opened last week, has finally released its menu. Check out acclaimed sushi chef B.K. Park’s selection of hot dishes, nigiri, and more below.

Ireland’s Prime Minister Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at a Boystown bar

And finally, where would the Prime Minister of Ireland celebrate America’s most Irish holiday? Leo Varadkar went to Boystown bar Sidetrack with his partner for St. Patrick’s Day, according to Varadkar was also at Barcocina in Lakeview in August 2017, where a hostess — who is also from Ireland — didn’t recognize him at first and placed him on the waitlist before sitting him at a tiny table.

Protein Bar

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The Purple Pig

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