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Food Hall-Style Barstaurant to Open Across From Wrigley Field

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Minneapolis-based Cargo Food Authority’s new Wrigleyville location will offer burgers, grilled cheeses, and draft cocktails

Cargo Food Authority will offer a few pan-Asian dishes, in addition to more traditional ballpark fare.
Cargo Food Authority [Official Photo]

The creator of food hall-style restaurant and bar Cargo Food Authority is bringing the concept to his hometown of Chicago, perched across from Wrigley Field at the Addison & Clark mixed-use development at 1027 W. Addison Street. The Wrigleyville development, which includes apartments and a movie theater, also houses multiple eateries like Lucky Strike Social, Shake Shack, and Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken. Cargo Food Authority is slated to join them in mid-July, though permits are pending.

Brian Ingram, chief development officer of Houston-based Williston Holding Co., opened the first Cargo Food Authority in downtown Minneapolis in 2018. A Chicago native, Ingram said he always wanted to bring his story full circle. “I’m a lifelong Cubs fan, so when the opportunity came, I was like a kid in a candy store,” said Ingram. “It’s one of the coolest things I could ever imagine in my lifetime.”

Cargo Food Authority is composed of four repurposed shipping container stalls in an 8000-square-foot space, each hawking a different type of cuisine. Ingram indicated the new location will emphasize burgers, including a custom blend that’s half corned beef, half sirloin. Specialty grilled cheeses will be on offer as well, including a breakfast-style mascarpone and brie grilled cheese with berries, and their popular macaroni & cheese grilled cheese. The menu will also include fried chicken tenders brined in buttermilk for 24 hours, and pan-Asian dishes like giant sushi burritos and poke bowls.

The majority of beer taps will feature local brews, according to Ingram, and he plans to highlight local distillers and soda producers through draft cocktails. A double-decker bus will serve as the main bar, and two other bars will be housed inside shipping containers.

The venue will offer free beer hall games, such as giant Jenga and cornhole, or “bags,” in addition to a pitching cage and “selfie scoreboard.” Ingram said he wants to bring in Chicago-based musicians for live performances on a built-in stage, and is actively seeking local graffiti artists to collaborate on decor. Cubs memorabilia will be on display, according to Food & Beverage Magazine, in addition to an ivy-covered wall and a giant TV wall for watching games.

Ingram, who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, said that his cooking background sets Cargo Food Authority apart from other game day eateries. “In every one of our restaurants, I’m in the kitchen creating recipes,” he said. “We are bringing some culinary chops and offering simple food in unique ways.”

Stay tuned for more coverage as Cargo Food Authority’s opening day approaches.