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Vegan Chicago Stuffed Pizza Arrives Today in North Center

Step inside the new Chicago House of ‘Za

The Chicago House of Za Vegan Pizzeria is open in North Center.
Barry Brecheisen/Eater Chicago
Ashok Selvam is the editor of Eater Chicago and a native Chicagoan armed with more than two decades of award-winning journalism. Now covering the world of restaurants and food, his nut graphs are super nutty.

Chicago is home to many styles of pizza, and lately stuffed pies have been neglected in the discussion. The Chicago House of ‘Za Vegan Pizzeria hopes to add to the conversation with its brand of meat- and dairy-free stuffed, thin, and Sicilian-style pizzas. The North Center pizzeria is a new location for owners Danny and Jammie Gulino. They moved from a smaller location in Lakeview to the former Kick/Sola space at 1943 W. Byron Street.

The Gulinos make their own vegan cheese and meat substitutes, and while the pizza won’t have the same gooey cheese as dairy, it’s really hard to tell the difference. Danny Gulino learned the pizza business working at Nancy’s Pizza, the originators of the Chicago-style stuffed pizza. They also serve other Italian specialties, all vegan. And there’s a bar which means beer to wash down those slices.

Check out the space and food below. The Chicago House of Za Vegan Pizzeria opens at 5 p.m. tonight.

The Chicago House of ‘Za Vegan Pizzeria, 1943 W. Byron Street, (773) 770-3848, hours not posted yet.

The pizzeria’s mission.
One of Chicago’s only vegan pizzerias.
This is the former Kick space.
100 percent meat and dairy free.
Grab a beer at the bar.
Sicilian-style pizza is served, too.
Vegan stuffed pizza with dairy-free cheese.
The faux meats are made at the pizzeria.
Thin-crust Buffalo-style pizza.
Eggplant parmesan without dairy.
Cheese sticks without dairy cheese.

Chicago House of 'Za

1943 W. Bryon Street, Chicago, IL (773) 904-7937 Visit Website