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A bartender pouring a cocktail.
The next Eater Talks event will discuss Chicago’s bar culture.

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Eater Talks | How Chicago’s Famous Bar Culture Is Rapidly Changing

Chicago bar owners talk about the city’s changing culture at the latest Eater live event at the Ace Hotel

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Eater Talks: How Chicago’s famous bar culture is rapidly changing

Wednesday, December 18 — 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Eater Chicago and the Ace Hotel will continue its ongoing restaurant and bar industry discussion series in December, with a new topic: How Chicago’s famous bar culture is rapidly changing.

Three panelists of renowned bar owners will join Eater Chicago Editor Daniel Gerzina for a discussion about why Chicago’s bar culture is the best in America, the fate of the city’s once-ubiquitous but now-dwindling neighborhood taverns, how Chicago became home to the most breweries in America and how they affect its bars, and dig deep into trends including non-alcoholic cocktails, hard seltzer, pop-up bars, fancy cocktail “speakeasies,” and much more.

Bars and taverns have been an integral part of Chicago’s culture since the 19th century due in part to businesses that catered to factory workers in the meatpacking capital of the world, the area’s infamous history as the birthplace of prohibition, neighborhood saloons on many corners that served as social hubs, and patrons looking to both escape frigid winters and enjoy brief summers with an alcoholic beverage in hand, all adding up to a deserved reputation as the best bar city in America. Drinking culture continues to be extremely important to Chicago’s residents and visitors, but that culture is rapidly changing for both businesses and customers. This event will illuminate why it’s changing, how it’s changing, and what’s next for the city’s drinking establishments, from longtime dives to newer fancy cocktail bars.

Join these panelists:

  • Shelby Allison, partner in world-renowned tiki bar Lost Lake and co-founder of the non-profit organization and women-led conference Chicago Style, which promotes inclusion, equity and sustainability in the hospitality community.
  • Matt Eisler, co-owner of Heisler Hospitality, one of the most influential bar and restaurant groups in Chicago. With focuses on distinct individual projects, pushing the local bar scene forward, and preserving and championing the city’s beloved neighborhood tavern culture, Heisler runs many renowned bars and restaurants in Chicago including Bad Hunter, Estereo, Lone Wolf, Pub Royale, and Sportsman’s Club.
  • Ed Marszewski, owner of acclaimed brewpub Marz Community Brewing and co-founder of iconic Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar. Marszewski and his team and family operate two of Chicago’s top drinking establishments on the South Side: one a legendary family-owned beer-and-cocktail bar, the other one of Chicago’s most creative breweries, in addition to popular Korean-Polish restaurant Kimski.

This Eater Chicago x Ace Hotel discussion takes place on Wednesday, December 18 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m inside the Ace’s Mahoney room, located on the ground floor. Tickets cost $20, and include one drink. Seating is limited, so it’s best to make reservations ASAP. See you there.

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