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A River North Restaurant That Serves Food With Zany Props Opens Valentine’s Weekend

Read Barton G.’s Chicago menu with hot dogs and more

Barton G. serves items, like these beef short ribs, with playful presentations.
Barton G. [Official Photo]

Barton G., the Miami import with cocktails and food presented with elaborate props and ridiculous names, will debut in Chicago just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend. The restaurant has announced a February 15 opening date at 415 N. Dearborn Street. It’s a two-level location replacing the former Sullivan’s Steakhouse in River North.

Originally slated for a November opening, Barton G. brings a theatrical element to dining and they’re serious about it. The company dislikes using the word “prop” to describe how it presents food. They prefer gallery terminology instead using words like “installation” and “vehicles” to describe what they do.

Menu items include “BBQ of Bones” — an assortment of barbecued items like beef ribs, lamb riblets, and chicken wings — served in a bucket resembling a barbecue grill. “Kobe Meatloaf in Terracotta” presents the traditional meatloaf platter being carried over the shoulder by alien creatures with mouths filled with whipped potatoes.

Barton G. [Official Photo]

They’ve added a few Chicago-centric items including an array of hot dogs. These encased meats come in turkey, salmon, pastrami, and pork. They’re not served Chicago style.

Drinks include the sacrilegious “Buddalicious” (Grey Goose Le Poir, lychee, cranberry juice, vodka popsicle), the “Stairway to Heaven” (Ciroc Vanilla, RemyV cashew milk, Frangelico, ginger beer), “Moonshine” (Ocucaje Pisco, Grey Goose Peach vodka, mezcal, Cointreau), and “Diamonds Are Forever” (Grey Goose Citron, Cointreau, lemon, vodka popsicle).

Named after founder Barton G. Weiss, there’s also an LA location. Stay tuned for more coverage of this zany restaurant near Hubbard Street. Check out the dinner menu below.

Barton G. Dinner Menu

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