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Eater Chicago Launches Live Events at the Ace Hotel

Eater’s first panel discussion will cover what Midwestern food truly is

Publican Anker dishes with Midwest-grown ingredients
Rachel Dickens

Eater Talks: What is Midwestern Food?

Thursday, February 7 — 6:30 p.m.

Eater Chicago is delighted to announce a new live event series. Midwestern food — what it was in the past, what it is in the present, and what it will be in the future — is the subject of the first panel discussion at the Ace Hotel Chicago. From the origins and evolution of all-American cuisine to the varied immigrant cultures and economic booms and busts that have shaped it along the way, Midwestern cuisine has a distinct history and future that has a special place among the American food experience.

How is Midwestern cuisine and its foods unique in America? What are the hallmarks and challenges of sourcing local ingredients in the Midwest, and how does that affect what Midwestern restaurants serve? How does Midwestern immigrant culture and the foods they bring compare to other American markets? How has the food in the Midwest changed throughout the last century and what is its current state? Which foods do chefs and purveyors in the Midwest do better than those in other parts of the country? We’ll tackle these questions and more with Paul Kahan, executive chef/partner of One Off Hospitality, Beverly Kim, chef/owner of Parachute, and Catherine Lambrecht, vice president of Culinary Historians of Chicago and president of Midwest Foodways Alliance.

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We hope to see you there and stay tuned for more announcements on upcoming Eater Talks at the Ace Hotel.

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