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Vettel Thinks Booth One Strikes Balance Between Old and New

Plus Gideon Sweet charms Time Out and more reviews

Booth One
Barry Brecheisen

Booth One retains the charm of the historic Pump Room space while simultaneously modernizing its menu. Phil Vettel thinks the “blending of the old and new” is evident on dishes like Japanese snapper ceviche adorned with sea urchin, a “pristine composition [that] tastes like innocence.” Lobster cappuccino is “immensely satisfying,” while entrees include “irresistible” tuna au poivre and crispy duck with “perfectly crispy exteriors and fork-tender insides.” Desserts “wow you with execution” and are highlighted by a lemon-meringue pie that’s “as beautiful as it tastes.” [Tribune]

Gideon Sweet is a relaxing experience that boasts “mostly well-executed dishes and intriguingly nuanced cocktails” according to Maggie Hennessy. She starts with the Green Lady cocktail, a drink that’s the “luscious, drinkable essence of a bowl of fresh fruit.” The potato spiral is another can’t miss — a skewered, twice-fried Kennebec potato with “the pleasing crunch of an extra-thick chip” and served with a “delicious” dip — and warm king crab is an “impeccable selection of sweet, tender leg meat drenched in luscious uni butter.” To finish, a nostalgic apple tart paired with cheddar and brie ice cream oozes “just enough creamy, salty tang to make that sugary tart sing.” [Time Out]

Tempesta Market is a universe of “deftly curated” meats. The new West Town deli offers a “landscape of sausage possibilities, triggering sensory overload,” Mike Sula writes. Nduja is the shop’s specialty and guests will find it on a plethora of sandwiches like the Dante, a creation that will “live on to eternity.” It stars a baguette stacked with six layers of cured meats, giardiniera, provolone, lettuce, and tomato. Sula is also “taken with” the Southside Johnny featuring “moist and thinly shaved” porchetta, chopped broccolini, Brun-uusto cheese, chimmichurri, pickled fennel, and rosemary broth. Sides include crispy arancini with a “hot and gooey” nduja core, and Berkshire pork meatballs that “seem to melt to the touch.” With such an overwhelming selection, it’s “difficult not to lose yourself” in the best way. [Reader]

Booth One

1301 North State Parkway, , IL 60610 (312) 649-0535 Visit Website

Gideon Sweet

841 West Randolph Street, , IL 60607 (312) 888-2258 Visit Website

Tempesta Market

1372 West Grand Avenue, , IL 60642 (312) 929-2551 Visit Website