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Chicago’s Second Culver’s to Open Six Days After the City’s First

Portage Park is slated to get the butterburger bonanza on January 29

Culver’s butterburgers are coming to two spots within a week

After having none for decades, Chicagoans will have two new spots to eat “butterburgers” open within less than a week of each other. That’s because popular Wisconsin-based fast-food chain Culver’s will open its Portage Park outpost (4939 W. Irving Park Road) on January 29 at 10 a.m., according to an employee in a video tour of the restaurant posted to the Six Corners Facebook page. Bronzeville won the race to the city’s first Culver’s, which will open on January 23.

The race to the first has been ongoing since a planned Wrigleyville location was reported three-and-a-half years ago. Ironically that spot is still in limbo. In 2016 the north and south side entrants — Portage Park and Bronzeville — picked up the baton and furiously battled to open first. Bronzeville emerged victorious but it proved to be a photo finish, as it appears that just six days will separate the openings.

Contact information for the Portage Park spot is right here.