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Pilsen's Unique New Cafe Opens With Plans For Boozy Slushies & a Rooftop Bar

Read the a.m. menu for now as evening service and more will eventually arrive

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Cafe Lacuna

The doors opened today in Pilsen to one of the more unique cafes in Chicago. Cafe Lacuna is the new restaurant from the team behind The Bagelers in Lincoln Park inside the Lacuna Lofts Arts Building at 2150 S. Canalport Ave., but expect it to be much more than bagels and coffee in the future.

Cafe Lacuna features counter service in the morning and will eventually morph into a full-service restaurant at night, as ownership advises that they’re rolling out the space in phases. Future plans include giving customers access to the building’s 6,000-square-foot roof deck, serving cocktails including drinks using a variety of Rare Tea Cellars leaves and three boozy slushies (one’s made with red wine sangria and Mallorca melon tea), live music, and small plate dining in the evening, although Lacuna is still working on the liquor license. So for now, folks can order bagels on the first floor, or enjoy a breakfast sandwich, as well as Ipsento Coffee.

The allure of a rooftop and a tasty adult beverage is always promising, but for now, owner Jotam Torres and his team are focusing on operations on the ground level, a 2,000 square-foot space. The vibes are relaxed, and it’s a space that can grow with the needs of the community.

Eventually they’ll bring in the alcohol and dinner. But for those in the neighborhood who need a pick me up during the day, Cafe Lacuna is open. Check out the breakfast menu below.

Cafe Lacuna, 2150 S. Canalport Ave., hours not posted yet.

Lacuna Artist Lofts and Studios

2150 S Canalport Ave, Chicago, IL 60608 (773) 609-5638

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