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Inside Bucktown Cat Cafe, Opening Later This Month

The Windy Kitty will allow guests to visit cats and drink coffee at the same time

Cats and coffee are at the top of the list at this new cafe.
Barry Brecheisen

Soon, dreams of sipping on coffee, eating pastries and being surrounded by cats will become a reality. Opening later this month, the Windy Kitty Cat Cafe and Lounge has its first cats in house. Coffee, tea and pastries will be provided by the Gallery Cafe, a coffee shop just up the street at 1746 W. North Avenue. The lattes have cat faces on the top of them, but tea, sodas, and smoothies will also be available for those who don’t drink coffee.

The cats come from Alive Rescue in Roscoe Village, and are available for adoption, the cafe providing a great space to meet a new best friend. Since getting the cats in house, the Windy Kitty has been hosting events like a cat yoga session and a painting class. The space includes plenty of seats for guests to lounge with the cats, along with plenty of cat scratchers, toys, spaces for the cats to get some alone time, and a cat tree.

When it opens, the Windy Kitty will be the first cat cafe, not including the Catcade in Lakeview that serves drinks. Check out the photos below of the new cat cafe (and plenty of cat pictures) and stay tuned for an opening date.

The cafe is decked out with goodies for the cats.
Barry Brecheisen
The cats can hang out in the cafe or hide under a booth for a little alone time.
Barry Brecheisen
A black and white cat sits on top of a scratching box shaped into the word “meow” and looks out a window onto a Chicago street
The decor is cat-themed.
Barry Brecheisen/Eater Chicago
People are offered toys to play with the cats.
Barry Brecheisen
The space is made for lounging.
Barry Brecheisen
The cats have plenty of options to play with.
Barry Brecheisen
There are lots of interactive options for the cats.
Barry Brecheisen
The cafe provides a place for potential cat owners to come and hang out with adoptable cats.
Barry Brecheisen
Cat scratching toys are needed in abundance at the cat cafe.
Barry Brecheisen
Pastries and coffees are available from the neighboring Gallery Cafe.
Barry Brecheisen
Coffees have silhouettes of cats on them.
Barry Brecheisen
What’s better than having this cheery face looking back at you from your coffee?
Barry Brecheisen

Windy Kitty Cat Cafe and Lounge

1746 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL Visit Website

Gallery Cafe

1760 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 252-8228 Visit Website

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