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Chef Nicole Pederson Leaving Found Kitchen and The Barn ‘Amicably’

It’s up in the air what the founding chef has up her sleeves next

Nicole Pederson Hugh Galdones

After five years of collaborating, chef Nicole Pederson will part ways with Evanston’s Found Kitchen and Social House and the Barn, owned by Amy Morton. Pederson was “ready for a change,” the Chicago Tribune reported on Friday. Her next moves are up in the air. The news comes on the five-year anniversary of Found and the one-year anniversary of the Barn.

Found Kitchen is Morton’s first restaurant, and she’s excited to come back with “fresh vision” for Found’s menu. Pederson and Morton are splitting amicably, both ready for evolution and working on new goals. The Tribune reported that Morton isn’t making a large announcement for who will take over the kitchen; Morton says “I want our next five years to be great, too.”

Pederson will stay at Found and the Barn for the next few weeks to make a smooth transition, the Tribune reported. Pederson plans on staying in Chicago, but it’s still to be seen what’s next for both Pederson, Found and the Barn.


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