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Scofflaw Now Has Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

The chocolate chip cookies aren’t just for midnight anymore

Danny Segar

Too eager to wait until midnight for chocolate chip cookies at Scofflaw? Now there’s an ice cream sandwich on the menu all day, made with the famous chocolate chip cookies. It’s just $5, with a seasonal-flavored ice cream and can be paired with a digestif that’s recommended by the bar staff. While ownership opens a new bar across the street, it’s just another example that they haven’t forgotten about the Logan Square stalwart.

Scofflaw’s midnight cookies are a night-owl’s delight, a once secret nocturnal pick me up that further endeared the cocktail bar to its customers. But they’ve made them better. The ice cream is made in-house, using an egg yolk method instead of syrups, gums or other additives as thickeners. The ice cream is placed between the two cookies and then griddled just slightly to get the sensation of the warm and soft cookie and cold ice cream.

Currently, the ice cream is coconut lemongrass and is paired with Dolin Génépy des Alpes, a liqueur made from the same herb as Chartreuse, pale yellow-green in color with notes of mint and lavender. And, don’t fret: the midnight chocolate chip cookies, sans-ice cream, will still be making the rounds for a sweet treat to finish the night.


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