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Wrigley Field Hikes Beer Prices For Cubs Playoff Games

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The price of a Budweiser has increased to $11

Miami Marlins v Chicago Cubs
Fans will pay more for beer at Wrigley Field.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Watching the Cubs win their first World Series in 109 seasons was a priceless experience for fans in 2016. But as the team defends its title this October, Wrigley Field is capitalizing on this year’s playoff run by raising beer prices for this round of the playoffs — they did the same thing last, too. Fans attending Tuesday night’s game 3 of the National League Championship Series will pay more for their Budweisers and Goose Island beers purchased from vendors roaming Wrigley stands.

The team has raised the price of a Budweiser from $9.75 to $11. Meanwhile the cost of Goose Island 312 — made by Budweiser’s parent company — is now $11.50, a $1 raise from $10.50. DNAinfo squeezed the info from a veteran beer vendor.

The Cubs are down 0-2 versus the Dodgers. During their championship season last year, many neighborhood bars seized the opportunity to charge overzealous fans a cover to watch the games on TV. One bar charged $1,000.

This season, the team helped build a new plaza in front of Wrigley Field, The Park at Wrigley. There are two bars in that plaza, as cost-conscious fans could elect to drink before the game at Lucky Dorr or The Brickhouse. The beer selection is better than inside the ballpark.

Lucky Dorr

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Wrigley Field

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