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The Early Word on Revival Food Hall: The Loop’s Lunchtime Paradise

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Downtown workers are willing to wait

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Revival Food Hall
Revival Hood Hall is a popular downtown lunch destination.
Nick Fochtman
Ashok Selvam is the editor of Eater Chicago and a native Chicagoan armed with more than two decades of award-winning journalism. Now covering the world of restaurants and food, his nut graphs are super nutty.

Even without public WiFi immediately available, Loop workers waited in long lines and took extra-long lunch hours to explore Revival Food Hall, the new space that opened in mid-August. Giving busy Chicagoans a taste of restaurants scattered all over the city in one place was one of the goals of 16" on Center, (Dusek’s, Promonotory, MONEYGUN) which assembled a deep team of restaurants filling their anti-food court food court. So what’s the early buzz on the project? Keep on reading.

Frequent customers: For many working nearby, having this collection of decadent restaurants is dangerous to their waistlines. Some aren't worried, including Yelp user Lily F. who wrote that she visits "several times a week." Sometimes she comes in for a full meal; other times it's just pit stop. She’s a fan: "this is an overall lovely addition to the loop eateries. I can't wait until they open up more of these bad boys!"

The wait: The Furious Spoon, in particular, has slower service compared their colleagues inside the hall. Long waits contributed to some vegetarian rage from Yelp user Mao L.: "I waited for 40 minutes and still did not get my food. They just messed up with my order. I don't know if that was because I did not realize I need to give tip on the touch screen when I swept my credit card." Even though Mao wrote the soup was delicious, the service bothered her.

Those lunchtime lines have tripped up many a worker’s plans. One suggestion has repeatedly emerged. Allow Twitter user @babystew to share:

The bar/coffee shop: 16" On Center wanted to create a community beacon with Revival, and many times bars and coffee shops develop into these types of venues. Facebook user Melissa Falk is pleased with the coffee selections: "Love that several local coffee roasts are available at the very cable coffee bar. Lovely baristas there."

Made In Detroit: Did you hear? Detroit square pizza and their caramelized crusts are popping up everywhere, including at Revival, courtesy of Union Squared, the offshoot of Evanston’s Union Pizzeria. Many Chicagoans haven’t heard of Detroit-style slices, but they’re making a positive impression. That includes Yelp user Kathleen C.: "The pizza isn't like regular Union, but pan and has a wonderful little crust - crispy and delicious. The sauce is light and flavorful and really great for lunch. The 1/4 is still big, so bring an appetite!!"

The vendor mix: Much has been made of the dream team including food from Smoque, Antique Taco, Farmer’s Fridge and Table, Donkey and Stick. That’s just not leaving pant sizes vulnerable, according to Foursquare user John Khuu: "A perfect blend of Chicago restaurants and shops unified in one space for people who can't and or don't have time to go to the actual restaurant. It's also downstairs from my office. RIP WALLET."

Revival Food Hall

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