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Popsicle Man Fundraiser Nears $150K, Hackney’s South Loop Reconcepting, More Intel

Plus, a server’s class action lawsuit is moving forward

Fidencio the paleta man

—In one of the most heartwarming stories in recent memory, a good samaritan started a GoFundMe campaign to support an elderly paleta (popsicle) cart man on the near South Side, with an initial goal of $3000. Two days later, it has raised more than $142K and is rising by the minute. The man, Fidelio Sanchez, is 90 years old and typically makes $50-60 a day selling paletas in Little Village, and recently lost his only daughter, DNAinfo reports.

Hackney’s South Loop, a Printer’s Row pub that has been in business for 77 years, is closing after service today to reconcept, ownership revealed in a Facebook post. Expect the reopening sometime in 2017, although there’s no word yet on what it will be.

—A server’s class action lawsuit who was allegedly required to perform "duties outside the scope of their tipped occupation" at several suburban Buffalo Wild Wings locations is moving forward, according to the Cook County Record. The side work in question includes "cleaning bathrooms, dishwashing, general restaurant cleaning and trash removal."

—Two of Chicago’s best Italian chefs are now selling pizza by the slice. Nonnina, chefs Tony Priolo and Chris Macchia’s reconcept of Piccolo Sogno River North, now sells Sicilian-style pan pizza slices at their counter-service sandwich shop addition to the space. Cheese ($5.25) and pepperoni ($6) are available.

—In other interesting menu addition news, Wow Bao now serves soup dumplings at its downtown locations. The chicken broth-filled dumplings cost $4.99. Check out the locations here.

—Do you want Gordon Ramsey to shout at you on national television? "Hell's Kitchen" has a casting call in Chicago this Friday, Sept. 16. More details are here.

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