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6 Chicago Food Trucks To Try Now

Soul food, Cajun, deli favorites and more

the doorstep, food truck
The owners of The Doorstep left the Alinea Group to run a food truck.
The Doorstep
Ashok Selvam is the editor of Eater Chicago and a native Chicagoan armed with more than two decades of award-winning journalism. Now covering the world of restaurants and food, his nut graphs are super nutty.

Chicago’s food truck community continues to grow despite the city and state regulations that once threatened to crush the industry locally. There’s more variety than before, whether it’s a quick drive-by from a truck featuring a famous Japanese cartoon feline, or a truck run by folks who left their jobs working at one of the world’s greatest restaurants.

Check out these food trucks the may have slid under your radar below. If there’s a new one that merits attention, please mention it in the comments.

the doorstep, food truck The Doorstep

The Doorstep

The folks behind The Doorstep, former workers at Alinea Group, instantly gained cred for setting up in The Polish Triangle where they'e been quickly selling out of their breakfast items at the intersection of Ashland/Division/Milwaukee. This truck/trailer remains stationary, so there’s no need to follow social media to know where they’re setting up. They’ll soon extend hours.

Instagram: the_doorstep

The Fat Pickle Facebook

The Fat Pickle

Chicago has a deli crisis, with corporate sandwich makers overrunning this fair town. But there’s a hero slinging old-school deli favorites on wheels, The Fat Pickle, the younger sibling of grilled cheese specialist The Fat Shallot. The Fat Pickle specializes in house-brined corned beef that goes deliciously in Ruebens and more.

Twitter: @thefatpickle312


Southern Pitch

"Enjoy the food, digest the history" is the motto at Southern Pitch. Baseball fans and soul food aficionados have some common ground at this truck, which is a tribute to the African Americans who played baseball in the Negro Leagues. They specialize in a healthy approach to soul food and name their items after Negro League players or teams. Take the "Willie Mays' Soul Food Wrap" (collard greens, dressing and candied sweet potatoes wrapped in a flour tortilla).

Twitter: @southernpitchft

La Cocinita Facebook

La Cocinita

Hailing from New Orleans, the folks behind La Cocinita aim to serve Venezuelan-style street food, including arepas, as well as tacos (which, yes —they aren’t authentic Venezuelan). Though the name means "little kitchen," customers walk away with huge portions, with many complaining they can’t finish their orders.

Twitter: @LaCocinita

Aztec Dave's Facebook

Aztec Dave’s

Find a reliable combo of tacos, tortas and burritos at Aztec Dave’s, which is often found in The Loop. This family-run Mexican food truck doesn’t serve hard shells, black beans or ground beef. Sorry, gringos.

Twitter: @Aztec_Daves

Boo Coo Roux Facebook

Boo Coo Roux

Cajun and Creole cuisine are what’s features at Boo Coo Roux. The menus are updated every week. Find po’boys, gumbo, hush puppies and more. They also use hand-made sausages.

Twitter: @BooCooRoux