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The Early Word On The 'Saved By The Bell' Pop-Up: Nostalgia Delivered

The TV-themed pop-up is leaving fans pleased

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Saved By The Max
Saved By The Max
Marc Much
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The hot takes from the "Saved By The Bell" pop-up have made their way onto the internet, as pop-culture fanatics journey to Wicker Park to check out the TV-themed restaurant and taste Brian Fisher's (Schwa) diner food. The pop-up opened on June 1 and goes through August.

The space: It appears Saved by the Max nailed this. Workers wanted to mimic the TV set, and visitors are happy. Jenna Rice tweets that the "pop-up diner is an exact replica of the show." Though Priya S. has problems with the experience, she consented that workers "did a wonderful job recreating The Max and decorating it with 'Saved By The Bell' memorabilia."

The food: Co-owner Derek Berry talked about how he wanted to serve great food so diners would enjoy multiple trips, giving visitors more than just a pretty restaurant. Fisher's menu's drawn mixed reviews. Critic C. writes the "chicken and waffles was such a miss, terrible soggy no flavor waffle, the chicken had a weird texture." But Bridget Carnet on Facebook was pleased with what she ordered: "The AC sliders and Mac N Screech were so good." Kim S. also delivered high praise, as she ate "possibly the best grilled cheese I've had from a diner."

The experience: Most fans were ecstatic by their treatment, posing with staff, including cast member Ed Alonzo, who has since returned home to the West Coast. Emma Arnold wrote: "This was without-a-doubt the most fun I've ever had from a dining experience." Others chimed in with praise, as Robert Hernandez wrote: "It was awesome the staff are cool, food [and] drinks are good. Music was cool." But folks still have a sour taste over problems that led to the cancellation of brunch, concerns that the restaurant is aware of: "We came from three hours away and spent $500 on a weekend trip, with the focal point being brunch at The Max," John Bradshaw wrote. "Incredibly excited as we were, we lined up an hour early (among many other people), to find a piece of paper tacked up with painter's tape. A 'field trip'?" Cynthia Dresher on Foursquare had a warning for walk-ins: "Beware that they might not be open when they say they will be."

Though they're only about two weeks into the pop-up, most left Wicker Park happy. The campiness is even good for couples, as @candacecorner tweets: "Date night at @SavedByTheMax last night was probably the most fun I've ever had going out to dinner."

Saved by the Max

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