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Eater's First Barbecue Week Starts Right This Second

It's time to light the flames

Shutterstock/Brent Hofacker

Welcome to Eater's first-ever Barbecue Week. Starting right now and lasting through Friday, Eater Chicago (and the rest of the Eater universe) will be obsessing over smoked meats and other aspects of 'cue culture in the Windy City. Keep an eye out for a variety of features, maps, and more.

Watch this page for an archive of Barbecue Week stories. Also look for social media posts in the usual places — Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. In fact, over on Instagram, share your Chicagoland restaurant barbecue photos; just add the hashtag #eaterchicago to your best shots and you may be regrammed.

Got any barbecue intel you want to share? Drop a line via email at, leave a comment below, or start a conversation in the forum.

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