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'Saved By The Bell' Pop-Up Calls Timeout, Drops Brunch Service

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But The Max has other tricks up their sleeves

Saved By The Max
Saved By The Max
Marc Much

After just one weekend of service, the "Saved By The Bell" pop-up has decided to drop brunch "for the time being." A spokesman said Saved by the Max didn't want the quality of dinner to suffer, and they'll focus on evening service. The news, which could break fans' hearts harder than Kelly Kapowksi, is especially frustrating for those who didn't secure dinner reservations, as brunch was purely walk-in.

They'll try to dampen the blow by offering a to-go lunch option with a photo opportunity inside the space. They're calling it their "Walk-in Bag Lunch Service," which starts at 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The menu includes crawfish with Baker Miller grits on Saturday or Tasso ham and grits on Sunday ($10 each). They'll also offer pie from Bang Bang Pie ($6) and Halfwit Coffee ($3) while supplies last.

Diner lines poured out the door and down North Avenue last weekend in Wicker Park. Ownership underestimated the demand for brunch, and this move is a direct response in trying to ensure dinner service goes unaffected, a spokesman said. While the nostalgic space drew rave reviews for its accuracy in copying the 1990s NBC TV show set, a few would-be brunch goers left disappointed over the weekend. Saved By The Max closed for a time during last Sunday's brunch service, posting a sign that they were gone for a "field trip."

Stay tuned for more.

Saved by the Max

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