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Is Finch's Beer Taking Over BreakRoom Brewery In Albany Park?

There's no official word yet

BreakRoom Brewery
BreakRoom Brewery
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Rumors have swirled since March that Finch's Beer Co. was going to take over BreakRoom Brewery, the Albany Park brewpub that closed on Sunday. Now, Guys Drinking Beer reports those rumors will become reality, citing "multiple independent sources" that Finch's will use the BreakRoom as a taproom and as a second brewing facility.

Their report is somewhat supported by an Instagram post by BreakRoom, suggesting a new relationship with Finch's. Though BreakRoom brass, via an email last week, wrote an announcement would be made today, they've been silent. Finch's would reportedly pour their own beer, and the presence of a website for The Finch Kitchen, listed in the Instagram posts, suggests they may serve food too.

Follow our progress on #instagram @ #thefinchkitchen

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Though Finch's takeover may be imminent, they've had a history of failing to follow through with announced expansions, though in some cases the blame isn't theirs. There's the 2014 plan to building a massive facility along the Chicago River near Lincoln Park. And, as Guys Drinking Beer noted, plans for another facility in suburban Long Grove never materialized up in Lake County.

Finch hasn't responded to inquiries, while officials at BreakRoom reiterated they aren't ready to share. The rumor mill continues to churn, as one Facebook post claimed that the space will reopen in a month. Stay tuned.

Breakroom Brewery

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