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31-Year Evanston Restaurant Davis Street Fishmarket Closes, Burns Yelpers

What's happening to downtown Evanston?

Davis Street Fishmarket
Davis Street Fishmarket

Evanston continues to change, as Davis Street Fishmarket, a restaurant staple north of the border for the last 31 years, announced its closure. The suburban seafood stalwart opened in 1985, and on Saturday the owners posted news of the shutter on Facebook.

The post talks about selling the restaurant, mentioning Evanston's changing scene. The owners also left a comment for Yelpers, something restaurants didn't deal with 31 years ago when the Fishmarket first opened:

Lastly, as a little side note, to the few cheap or negative Yelper's who think your reviews have made you a credentialed restaurant reviewer.......KISS MY ASS.

Long-time Evanston restaurant seem to be an endangered species, albeit a few, like Dave's Italian Kitchen and Lulu's Dim Sum & Then Some, are coming back.

Owners didn't respond to a request for comment. Read the Fishmarket's full post below.

Davis Street Fishmarket

501 Davis St, Evanston, IL 60201 (847) 869-3474 Visit Website

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