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Inside Alinea 2.0: Look Around the Renovation and Details on New Dining Options

The "whole place is brand new"

Fresh off its James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurant, Nick Kokonas and Grant Achatz are revealing more details on Alinea 2.0. Chicago's three-Michelin-starred institution is set to reopen in two-to-three weeks, Kokonas says, after closing on New Years Eve for a complete renovation and overhaul.

First off, take a look around the new space in the photos above. The "whole place is brand new," Kokonas says, as they gutted the entire restaurant with the exception of the lines in the kitchen. For the design inspiration, Kokonas says that "we sought to create a juxtaposition of classic architectural details from various historical eras with modern design and materials."

But the space isn't the only thing that will be brand new at Alinea. The menus and pricing are also changing, and those will vary based on where in the restaurant you are. There are three "distinct dining experiences" you'll be able to choose from:

  • The Kitchen Table — a private area costing a whopping $385 per person for parties of six, requiring a $950 deposit. They describe it as Alinea's "highest dining expression."
  • The Gallery — first floor dining area, parties of two and four, with only 16 total seats. 16-18 course menu with "experimental moments." $285-345 per person, based on the day of the week.
  • The Salon — second floor areas that are "more approachable," costing $175-225, and available for one person up to six. All prices are before tax, gratuity, and beverage pairings, and Kokonas says he hasn't priced the beverages yet.

Alinea opened for the first time nearly 11 years ago to the exact day (May 4, 2005). Look for Alinea 2.0 to open before May 2016 is over.


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