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Alinea Reopening On Friday, Tickets Go On Sale Today

Seats go on sale via Tock at 11 a.m.

Matthew Gilson

After a five-month, seven-figure renovation, the Alinea Group will reopen the doors to its flagship restaurant on Friday. Those doors and the grey façade are the few recognizable features remaining at the restaurant, which recently won the James Beard Foundation's Outstanding Restaurant award. Everything else, from the decor to the menu, and even the location of the staircase, has been completely overhauled. More about that to come.

Today at 11 a.m., chef Grant Achatz and partner Nick Kokonas begin accepting reservations for the new Alinea. Reservations will, of course, be accepted via Kokonoas' own Tock. To start, the restaurant will offer 50 to 60 seats on opening night, followed by an additional 10 or so more for the following weeks. It will not reach full capacity until June or July, a decision Kokonas says "has nothing to do with creating scarcity," but instead gives the kitchen and service staff time to adjust to the new menu and format.

Diners will have the option to choose between The Salon, or second floor areas, that are "more approachable," costing $175-225 and available for one person up to six people. The Gallery on the first floor doffers a more "experimental" experience and is available for parties of two and four for $285-345 per person. Finally, The Kitchen Table is a private area costing $385 per person for parties of six and requiring a $950 deposit. All prices are before tax, gratuity, and beverage pairings.


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