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Watch Alton Brown Conduct a Blind Taste Test With Chicago Italian Beef

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Al's Beef versus Johnnie's Beef: Who do you got?

Alton Brown eating a Chicago Italian beef
Alton Brown eating a Chicago Italian beef

Earlier this month, Alton Brown stopped by Chicago for two shows at the Cadillac Palace Theater. During his stay, he recorded a blind taste test, pitting the Italian beef sandwiches from two titans: Al's Beef versus Johnnie's Beef.

Brown seemingly didn't know that Chicagoans have their choice of hot or sweet peppers. While he preferred the meat from Al's, Johnnie's won out due to the way the peppers were cut, better bread and better heat: "Good sandwich," Brown said raising Al's beef. Then he raised Johnnie's: "Great sandwich."

Brown did the same blind test with Nashville hot chicken. Watch the Chicago test below.

Al's Italian Beef

1079 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607 (312) 226-4017 Visit Website

Johnnie's Beef

1935 South Arlington Heights Road, , IL 60005 (847) 357-8100 Visit Website

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