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Packed, Mike Sheerin's Hyde Park Dumpling Shop, Shutters Four Months In

Owners say its farm-to-table fast-casual model wasn't sustainable

Marc Much

Packed: Dumplings Reimagined was announced in March of 2015. However, nine months of hype only translated to four months of business for Mike Sheerin and Aaron DiMaria's ambitious Hyde Park dumpling shop. The fast-casual restaurant, which offered a mix of traditional and contemporary dumplings using local ingredients, closed on Monday.

After a successful opening weekend in January, selling out twice in two days, Packed was plagued by poor reviews and even poorer sales. Owner Aaron DiMaria credits the closure on the restaurant's commitment to sourcing seasonal produce and humanely raised meats from nearby farms, which increased prices, while nearby University of Chicago students craved more affordable fast-casual fare. Read DiMaria's complete statement, which has been posted at the restaurant, below.

Packed shutter