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The Fat Shallot Team Debuts Second Food Truck, The Fat Pickle

Deli sandwiches and Dr. Brown's soda on four wheels

Sarah Freeman

Sam Barron and Sarah Weitz were two of the first to get into the cook-on-board food truck game when they rolled out The Fat Shallot in 2013. This week, they welcome their second truck, The Fat Pickle, coincidentally, just before the husband-and-wife team welcomes their second child together. On truck number two, they continue to do what they do best: Classic sandwiches with gourmet twists.

What The Fat Shallot did for grilled cheese and BLTs, The Fat Pickle will do for deli sandwiches. Barron hopes to channel his and his wife's north side roots while filling the deli void in Chicago with his version of a Reuben, made with house-brined corned beef, Swiss cheese, garlic slaw and Fat Pickle sauce on marble rye as well as a tuna melt with lemon-dill tuna salad, marinated artichoke hearts, and melted cheddar on pumpernickel alongside Dr. Brown's soda.

Fat Pickle_soda

Less traditional offerings include fries loaded with crispy pastrami and Fat Pickle sauce as well as a smoked salmon salad served with bagels chips and a lemon dill yogurt dressing. The menu will also feature a few sandwiches that have appeared as specials over the years on their first truck, such as the grilled salami with pickled red onions, BBQ sauce, and a sunny side-up egg on a challah bun.

"We built this truck specifically for this menu with a 60-inch grill and salamander for frying eggs and melting cheese," Weitz says. It strikes a similar appearance as The Fat Shallot, with a red exterior with a large pickle painted in white instead of an onion. The two trucks with roam the streets of Chicago, stopping at different locations each day of the week. Sandwich-lovers can follow the trucks on social media as well as on their website, which list the weekly schedule.

Fat Pickle_sandwiches