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Iliana Regan's Critical Darling Bunny The Micro Bakery Is Closed For Good [Updated]

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Lack of financially feasibility felled the short lived but beloved project

Marc Much

After closing last week under the guise of "for a little bit while we try to make repairs," Iliana Regan's beloved but short-lived Bunny The Micro Bakery is not coming back. Regan and partner Phil Tadros announced the news via an email to its Kickstarter funders today, explaining that the critically-revered bakery had financial issues. Tadros confirmed on the phone that he feels that the concept wasn't financially viable. Read a snippet of the email below.

Dear Kickstarter Contributor,
It's with an extremely heavy heart to let you know that I will have to close Bunny permanently. Through many delays and expenses incurred we didn't have enough financial backing to pull us through the first few months of leveling out. I have tried in every way I could possibly think of to make this endeavor work and it looks like there is no positive long term solution for me or my team.
I know many of you are long time guests and supporters and everything you have done has been so appreciated.
In front of me, I have a list of all the kickstarter rewards still to be redeemed.

Tadros says that the project couldn't make money while serving Michelin-starred Regan's upscale food at a lower price point in a fast-casual setting. "Doing food that awesome and high-end that's fast casual is extremely difficult (financially)," he says. "That's why no one does it."

He still has the space and is planning to serve food there, but he's not sure what yet. He says it may continue as a space for the connected popup dinners and events WunderPOP or become something else altogether. Stay tuned for that news.

UPDATE: Regan posted on Facebook writing that the concept could re-emerge as Bunny Bakery and Workshop.

Bunny The Micro Bakery

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