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Evanston's Beloved Dave's Italian Kitchen Planning Return in DMK/Arlen's Space

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Dave's IK would be much smaller

Arlen's Chicken
Arlen's Chicken
Lindsey Becker

It turns out that Evanston eaters won't be without their beloved Dave's Italian Kitchen for long—and it also turns out that DMK's casual chicken restaurant didn't last long north of the border. Owner Dave Glatt announced on social media last night that his 44-year restaurant institution is slated to return next month, in a much smaller form named Dave's IK, in the space that housed DMK's Arlen's Chicken on Noyes Street. Dave's Italian Kitchen abruptly shuttered on April 11, leading to customer outcry.

The Daily Northwestern reports that the new restaurant will be one-fifth the size of the original—40 seats compared to 200—and that Evanston officials are recommending that the Economic Development Committee loan Glatt money because he's in bankruptcy and it's "an opportunity to help a longstanding Evanston business." Glatt hopes to open in late May but reportedly is "still figuring out the specifics."

Dave's Italian Kitchen

The original Dave's Italian Kitchen [Photo: Yelp]

Meanwhile, there's no word on when or why DMK called it quits in Evanston. David Morton and Michael Kornick originally opened a DMK Burger & Fish in the space in February 2014 before closing to reconcept it into the fried chicken concept Arlen's in June 2015, which opened last November. A version of their chicken sandwich is still available at the Navy Pier location that also now features a boozy walk-up window.

Dave's Italian Kitchen

1635 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60201 (847) 475-6044 Visit Website

Arlen's Chicken

815 Noyes St, Evanston, IL 60201 (847) 424-8226