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Navy Pier Boozy Walk-Up Window Arrives After Outdoor Drinking Law Changed

DMK Restaurants now has a window to drink and eat anywhere on the pier

Navy Pier
Navy Pier

Last summer, Chicago officials rewrote laws so Navy Pier vendors could sell alcoholic drinks to-go, allowing tourists and everyone else to sip a boozy beverage while walking anywhere around the attraction. DMK Burger Bar and Fish Bar are taking advantage, as they've opened a Navy Pier take-out window that serves food and alcoholic drinks.

DMK customers have a choice of five cocktails from the take-out window including the spiked-up lemonade shake-up, a sangria and a michelada. The window is located in the glut of pier between the Ferris wheel and the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

DMK isn't the first vendor selling to-go booze, as Navy Pier officials say all vendors who sell booze are offering similar programs. Before lawmakers changed the ordinance last June, visitors with alcohol purchased from vendors were confined to walk only along the south dock. That explains why Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. previously started selling to-go drinks in those big red cups.