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The Longman & Eagle Guys Are Building A Rooftop Patio in Logan Square

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It's all part of the three-year-old Ronnie's project

Golden Teardrops
Golden Teardrops
Ashok Selvam

Logan Square's getting a new rooftop patio courtesy of the owners of Longman & Eagle and Lost Lake, along with the group's acclaimed food and drink. The outdoor space is part of the plan for Golden Teardrops, the three-year-old project from Land & Sea Dept. (Parson's Chicken & Fish, Cherry Circle Room) at the old Ronny's space at 2101 N. California Ave. Opening date is anyone's guess as workers inch along.

Land & Sea applied for a special-use permit for the rooftop outdoor space on April 13, according to a public notice posted by the city outside the building. They've retained the building's shell facing California Avenue. Workers were present Monday down in the gutted basement, but an opening date seems far off as the site's pretty barren.

It's been almost exactly three years since the project first surfaced. Land & Sea declined comment when asked following Golden Teardrops' liquor license application on April 7. Though Land & Sea isn't ready to share, the group's permitting previously said that Golden Teardrops will serve food and drinks — with the latter presumably from Chicago drink guru Paul McGee. Stick here for more as news develops.

Golden teardrops notice

[Photo: Ashok Selvam]

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