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Inside SteakBar, Bringing Sodikoff's Food and Four Corners Nightlife to Old Town Tonight

The all-star collaboration should be popular on Wells Street

Today's the day that Brendan Sodikoff and Four Corners Tavern Group unveil their steak and bar collab in Old Town. The simply named SteakBar, at 1500 N. Wells St., is partly in the mold of the new-school steakhouses that have become trendy in recent times, but with Sodikoff's stalwart food and a casual bar and nightlife twist that should prove popular with the drinking crowds in the area.

Design queen Karen Herold realized the dark multi-level space, which is sexy enough to give STK and the like some competition. It's filled with multiple bars and dining spaces, grand twisting staircases, dim lighting, plenty of street views, shelves lined with throwback recording and stereo equipment, and yes, a DJ stage. With a basement level seating 30 to go with the main open two-floor area, SteakBar's total seating clocks in at 270.

Sodikoff and his Hogsalt group handled the food, (read the full updated menu in full below), where affordable steaks and fish team with sandwiches, a small raw bar section and upscale bar food. Beverages are a collaboration between the two groups, highlighted by draft cocktails, such as the Fireball Old Fashioned, either served singly or in pitchers. There's also classic cocktails, a decent selection of canned beers, and a tight wine list. The full drink menu is also below.

With food titan Brendan Sodikoff combining with Four Corners' successful bar acumen and a standout designer, the result should be a hotspot for Old Town. Take a look around in the photos above.

SteakBar, 1500 N. Wells St., (773) 966-0404. Open Sunday through Friday 5 p.m. until 2 a.m., and Saturday 5 p.m. until 3 a.m. Lunch service will start in the near future.


1500 North Wells Street, , IL 60610 (773) 966-0404 Visit Website