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Alinea Group Bringing Limited-Time Experimental 'Progression' Popups to Moto Space

Look for an "improv version of dining" and only a three-day run, for now

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You may have heard this before, but Alinea: Progression is heading to the Moto space. Achatz and Kokonas announced today three days of experimental "The Progression" dinners—and the details on the Alinea website are still a little murky, but at least there's more information.

They're describing the extremely limited popups—there are only three nights of tickets available on the Tock website (April 8-10), which explains the quick turnaround of the space and quick inspections—as "a highly experimental experience" that "we simply cannot produce anywhere else." What exactly that means is murky, but the atmosphere will be casual ("informal attire only"), it's only for tables of two, yet tickets are expensive ($115; less than Alinea proper and most Next iterations). It is described as "an improv version of dining" that's a collaboration with visual artist Adam Siegel.

Nick Kokonas writes in an email that "we genuinely do not know how many we will do...for now, we are doing three of them." Looks like you'll have to go to one of the very limited-time dinners to find out more about it. There's no word what they'll do with the space when these finish.

Moto Restaurant

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