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Is Alinea: Progression What's Heading to the Moto Space?

Another restaurant from Achatz and Kokonas may open on Fulton Market soon

Nagle Photography

So what do Nick Kokonas and Grant Achatz have up their sleeves for the former Moto space? More than a month after Homaro Cantu's signature restaurant closed, and Kokonas isn't revealing details yet on his plans for the space he acquired in January, anymore than he's talking about the seemingly imminent opening of Roister next door.

The city of Chicago may have revealed a clue, however, and it turns out that both restaurants may open soon. A restaurant listed as Alinea: Progression at the former Moto address (945 W. Fulton Market) passed a pre-opening licensing inspection last week, according to the city's data portal, with the inspector asking for just a few small repairs.

Kokonas, in an email, writes that "lots of announcements (are) coming shortly." Do stay tuned.

Moto Restaurant

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