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Karyn Calabrese’s Hospital Bed Photos Freak Out Customers

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Chicago's vegan queen was in a car accident in January

Karyn Calabrese in better health
Karyn Calabrese in better health
Ashok Selvam is the editor of Eater Chicago and a native Chicagoan armed with more than two decades of award-winning journalism. Now covering the world of restaurants and food, his nut graphs are super nutty.

Karyn Calabrese's fans were left concerned on Monday after they received Karyn's restaurant e-newsletter that included two photos of an injured Calabrese without explanation. The photos showed Calabrese in a hospital bed and included the heading "Karyn is Alive!" and "Karyn is back from tragic accident."

Karyn Hospital

[Photo: Karyn's Newsletter]

Customers, which include health fanatics and vegans, remained concerned about the 68-year-old Calabrese's health. Putting it into context, DNAinfo chatted with her earlier this month and she told them that she was in a car accident in January and she broke her shoulder and kneecap. The newsletter sent Monday failed to provide details about what led to Calabrese's health injuries, but it did mention a discount on services: "Karyn wishes to express her gratitude to the community for all their love and support during her recovery. She is offering her March Detox Class at an unbelievable price."

That made some feel there was something off about this announcement. One commenter wrote: "very bizarre to have the hospital pics, and then a plug for the detox course in the same article unsure." Another followed: "my heart sank to see that pic of her in the hospital...I truly pray for her to have a speedy recovery and sending many prayers and positive thoughts her way. But I am also in suspense as to what happened??? I'm sure I'm not the only one aching to know what happened."

Calabrese still needs money, as her fund-raising campaign continues. She's raised $7,238, or just 2.4 percent of her $300,000 goal which would go toward keeping Karyn's open in Lincoln Park. Calabrese and her husband, Jerrold "Jerry" Scherer, remain involved in a lawsuit that claimed the two owe more than $112,000 in back rent and charges. The lawsuit was filed in November, and the last court date was Feb. 1, with the next date scheduled for March 9, according to Cook County court records.

The money from the fundraiser would go toward paying that back rent, as well as paying off vendors. Calabrese owned Karyn's on Green, which closed last year in the West Loop, and was replaced last week by a sports bar —Green Street Local. The former model focuses on alternative medicine and remedies, which include those detox classes and selling veggie and vegan food.

That same DNAinfo story focused on how a former employee at Karyn's is in court, accused of stealing $639 from the restaurant.

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