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Curtis Duffy Documentary 'For Grace' Now Available To Stream

The movie about Grace restaurant took Kevin Pang and Mark Helenowksi four and a half years.

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"For Grace"
"For Grace"

Those who haven't been fortunate enough to catch a screening of "For Grace" —the documentary following Grace chef Curtis Duffy and partner Michael Muser— now have their chance. Today, filmmakers released the movie via digital streaming on a variety of online outposts. Tonight, to celebrate the release, there's a special screening at the Landmark Century Centre Cinema in Lincoln Park, as part of the Midwest Independent Film Festival.

Former Tribune writer Kevin Pang and filmmaker Mark Helenowski made the movie. Chicago magazine's Penny Pollack has a primer to get viewers excited about the flick. Filmmakers followed Duffy for four years, documenting the rise of the now-three-Michelin-starred Grace restaurant, while catching interactions with Duffy and other chefs including a contentious one with his mentor, the late Charlie Trotter. "For Grace" debuted in October 2014, before gaining a larger audience at the 2015 South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival. Since then, it's made the rounds at screening at several film festivals.

"For Grace" is available on the iTunes storeAmazon Video and Google Play. Meanwhile, Pang reflected on the accomplishment, calling the release "surreal."


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