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Tour Elske, David and Anna Posey’s Ode to Chef-Driven Danish Hospitality

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The acclaimed One Off vet couple’s first restaurant opens on Wednesday on Randolph Row

Marc Much

From embattled nightclub to one of 2016’s most highly-anticipated chef-driven restaurant openings, the space that now houses Elske has gone through a complete transformation over the last 18 months. One Off Hospitality vets David and Anna Posey have completely redone the space in time for Wednesday’s opening.

While Anna Posey says "we use the word Danish loosely" when talking about Elske’s overall concept, the space can be described as inspired by contemporary Danish design with historic elements, according to the restaurant’s designer Erin Boone of Boone Interiors. "David’s heritage is Scandinavian, he’s Danish, which lends itself to a lot of great design aspects," Boone says. "We thought to bring in some earthy materials and keep what worked in the building — the exposed brick, which was lovely — and add a little texture with plaster, custom lighting fixtures, and to use this great two-level space and draw the eye upward."

Patrons will first notice the neon Elske sign in script in a front window before entering the white two-floor space via an outdoor sandy garden with an al fresco fireplace on the west side of the building, which will be used for drink service and eventually food as well. The main doorway, beyond the garden, leads to a white-washed modern space with an open kitchen, a seven-seat bar with a modern cocktail banquette, and a 55-seat open dining room with a variety of new as well as 1960s-sourced wooden tables, chairs, and green banquettes. A cut-out in the first-floor ceiling glimpses views of the second floor, a 21-seat space with another fireplace which will be used for private events only.

The vibe of the space is based on the Danish hospitality concept of hygge, described as "a sense of welcoming and warmth," David Posey says. "You present hygge when someone comes to your house to visit — we really wanted to portray that and have it be part of the experience." Anna Posey continues: "Sometimes you’re in some restaurants and you remember the atmosphere, the feeling, as an event and all of it is this well-rounded thing. We wanted to encompass that feeling when you come in, as a happy place, and it feels like us."

The Poseys will welcome you into their Danish-inspired happy place beginning tomorrow. Take a look around their first restaurant below.


1350 West Randolph Street, , IL 60607 (312) 733-1314 Visit Website