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10Below, NYC's Popular Thai-Style Rolled Ice Cream Shop, Eyes Chicago

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Ice cream rolls are trendy

New York-based 10Below is looking to expand to Chicago.

Fall isn’t typically the best time to roll out an ice cream shop in Chicago. But as temperatures began their seasonal plunge, there’s news of a popular New York-based shop wanting to expand into the Chicago market. They’re called 10Below Ice Cream, and they specialize in Thai-style rolled ice cream. They don’t have a location in Chicago, but they’re looking for one, according to a news release.

So far 10Below has four locations—all in New York— and they plan spots in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington, D.C.

These Thai-style ice cream rolls aren’t new to Chicago. Aha Crepes in Lincoln Park is among those shops that serve the frozen treat. Scoops of ice cream get flattened like a thin, circular unfolded crepe onto a chilled metal plate. Customers pick their toppings, and using spatulas, those ingredients are flattened into the ice cream. It’s then rolled up—kind of like a cigar—and vertically placed into a cup or cone. Other rolls are added into the cup/cone and then additional toppings (like a torched marshmallow) may be added. The preparation can be like a show, similar to watching a Japanese hibachi chef working their magic.

Officials from 10Below haven’t revealed which Chicago neighborhoods they’re looking at, but it’s safe to say they’re probably not opening an ice cream shop in the middle of winter. But who knows, as recently stranger things have happened.

10Below’s Thai-style ice cream rolls.

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