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Creepy Craigslist Ad Seeks Women to Cruise the Chicago Restaurant Scene

Luckily there’s a new app for that

Check out this special Craigslist personal.

Ladies, don’t squander this exciting opportunity in Chicago. There’s a guy who’s looking for a companion to check out new restaurants on the weekends. He is a kind soul, one who "won't hassle you for sex just because I pick up all the checks."

The Craigslist personal ad is posted in the Chicago men seeking women section, and this single, white, MBA-having male seeks a woman who is in "shape, intelligent, well-educated and [has] an adventurous palate." To think that this guy is right now "between girlfriends!" He claims he usually finds himself with a "classy, attractive woman."

Perhaps this is all a joke, but Mr. Personality also claims to be a stellar wingman, and all he wants to do is help. Since he claims he not pressuring anyone into sex, he wants to play Cupid. After digesting a meal from a restaurant on the Eater Chicago Heatmap, he’ll introduce his companions to other men if they want. All he wants is an invite to the wedding in return.

Fortunately for Romeo there’s a new app from a Chicago-based developer that may solve his loneliness. It’s called DineHero, and launched in September for iOS. The Chicago Business Journal described the app as for professionals who want to network while eating at restaurants. It’s also for folks who would rather not dine by themselves.

For those curious, check out the full Craigslist ad below. Oh, and don’t forget to fulfill his request and include a dress size, at least:

Craigslist ad

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