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Patron Pulled Gun Inside Bottled Blonde Restroom: Report

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Another incident happens at the River North bar

The scene outside Bottled Blonde on Sunday night
The scene outside Bottled Blonde on Sunday night

After months of meetings between local residents and city officials over the fate of River North clubstaurant Bottled Blonde, a gun incident reportedly happened Sunday night inside it. DNAinfo reports that a man pulled a gun in order to break up a fight in the bathroom. No shots were fired and no charges were filed in the incident, according to the report, because the victim in the fight is refusing to press charges. The bar was evacuated around 10:30 p.m., according to an eyewitness, when around 10 police cars arrived on the scene.

The Arizona-imported bro bar and pizza eatery has drawn the ire of local residents since a petition and website made the rounds before it opened. City Hall meetings featuring local residents, city officials and Bottled Blonde management have been happening since March amidst rowdiness, noise, and other complaints. A revised plan of operation went into effect on Sept. 29, which you can read below.

Bottled Blonde

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