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High Score: Emporium Owner Opening Bar and Dispensary in Logan Square

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Legal cannabis and booze are joining forces on Milwaukee Avenue.

2367 N. Milwaukee Ave.
2367 N. Milwaukee Ave.
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That ultra-hot block of Logan Square is getting a double shot of weed and booze. The man behind Emporium Arcade Bar is opening a bar and marijuana dispensary at 2367 N. Milwaukee Avenue, sectioning the space that was once earmarked for Mindy Segal's scrapped Hot Chocolate Bakery. The dispensary—only the second in the city—is named Modern Cannabis and will open "within a couple weeks," owner Danny Marks says. It's in the rear of the space and will have its main entrance on Fullerton.

Details on the bar, which is in the front and will take up the majority of the 6500 square-foot space with a Milwaukee Avenue entrance next to The Radler and doors north from Emporium Logan Square, are still in its infancy. Marks says it will have a "small food component" and hopefully open by the summer. And, surprisingly, it won't have a gaming aspect. "We're all going to find out if I'm a one-trick pony," Marks, who opened the third Emporium at the beginning of the month, says. "It's going to be pretty cool."

Marks' snatching of the space means the block, which was filled with manufacturing plants just two years ago, is now nearly full of bars and restaurants, including newer spots Slippery Slope, The Radler, Chicago Distilling Company, Owen + Alchemy, Q-Tine, and Marks' own Emporium Logan Square. Watch this space for more details.

Branca Bar

2367 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 (872) 206-5245 Visit Website

Emporium Logan Square

2363 North Milwaukee Avenue, , IL 60647 (773) 360-8774 Visit Website